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  • A Requiem For A Whiskey Bar

    27th June 2023 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    A much-loved private collection of American whiskeys is up for auction so our auction director Isabel Graham-Yooll spoke with seller Richard Thomas about how his years running his rock ‘n’ whiskey bar The Crobar influenced his collection.

  • Jim McColl MBE, The National Treasure Who Treasures Whisky

    13th January 2023 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    Scottish broadcaster Jim McColl MBE was a presenter on BBC Scotland’s popular Beechgrove Garden show across four decades, and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Chartered Institute of Horticulture award for his significant contribution to horticulture. More importantly, he is a whisky enthusiast.

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 7

    14th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    ‘It wasn’t always champagne and roses…I haven’t spoken about it until now. It still angers me about the unnecessary waste of talent and experience of the DCL boys. All just to settle a schoolboy’s feud.’ The final edition of Memoirs of a Whisky Salesman lifts the lid on what life was really like when the chips were down.

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 4

    11th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    Roger Mallindine had been selling blended whisky for decades and understood how the luxury whisky business worked. Now it was time to sell single malts.  He suddenly found himself in a world of many privileges and memorable events.