August 2017 Auction Results

Highlights from our August 2017 auction.

August 2017 Auction Results

Wray & Nephew 20 Year Old Jamaica Rum

A bottle of Wray & Nephew Finest Old Jamaica Liqueur Rum, Aged in wood 20 tropical years. This was imported to the Italian market by Soffiantino & Co. We estimate this was bottled in the 1950s.

Winning bid £12,600

Macallan Glenlivet 1938 Gordon & MacPhail

A bottle of Macallan-Glenlivet 1938, 31 Year Old, bottled by Gordon & MacPhail, then the distillery’s official bottler. This was bottled for the Italian market and imported by Donini.

Winning bid £3,900

Royal Navy Rum Flagon

A 4.5 litre flagon of Royal Navy Rum, bottled in 1969 and presented in the traditional wicker casing.

Winning bid £1,900

Ladyburn 1974 Private Cask Collection, 40 Year Old

A bottle of Ladyburn 40 Year Old. This was distilled in 1974 and matured in a single first fill bourbon cask before bottling on 25 November 2014. This is presented in a wooden case with the original outer carton.

Ladyburn was a Lowland distillery that had an extremely short life – built in 1966 and demolished just nine years later in 1975.

This is bottle number 75 from cask 89/199-49.

Winning bid £1,850

Wood’s Old Charlie Jamaica Rum

A bottle of Wood’s Old Charlie Finest Jamaica Rum

Winning bid £625

Appleton Reserve 20 Year Old Jamaica Rum

A ceramic jug of Appleton Reserve Rare Old Jamaica Rum, aged in wood 20 tropical years. This was produced by Wray & Nephew, we estimate in the 1970s.

Winning bid £1,050

Karuizawa 1995 Rouge Cask #5018

A 48cl bottle of Karuizawa Rouge Cask, distilled in 1995. This whisky was matured for 15 years in a single cask that previously contained Chateau Mercian red wine and was bottled on 6 April 2011. Rouge Cask was available exclusively from the souvenir shop of the Musée d’Art Mercian Karuizawa, near to the Karuizawa Distillery. The museum itself opened in 1995 and closed 6 November 2011.

This was bottled from cask number 5018.

Winning bid £1,500

Johnnie Walker Red Label

This lot contains 12 miniature bottles of Johnnie Walker Red Label, each with its own carton and presented in the original wooden box. These were bottled for the US market and imported by Somerset Importers, New York, we estimate in the 1970s.

Winning bid £1,100


August 2017 Auction Results