An Auctioneer’s Guide To Brora Collecting

Following the reopening of Brora Distillery and the launch we look at all the official Broras ever released.

An Auctioneer’s Guide To Brora Collecting

During its lifetime Brora whisky was a blending workhorse (as part of the blending inventory for Johnnie Walker for instance). When Brora distillery on the North East coast of Scotland closed its doors in 1983 it became a ghost overnight, its current legendary status began only after limited editions were released to rave reviews from enthusiasts such as Serge Valentin. The distillery itself remained virtually untouched until a complete renovation project began four years ago. The distillery reopened in in May 2021 and is expected to produce up to approximately 800,000 litres per year.

The reopening of the Brora distillery is being celebrated with the launch of Brora Triptych so how many other Broras can you buy with a budget of £30K?

Here’s a list of every official bottling Brora ever produced.

Brora Triptych

The £30000 set was launched to coinside with the reopening of the Brora distillery. Each bottle in this set has been chosen to represent one of the distinct styles from Brora’s heritage: Elusive Legacy is an earthy expression, Age Of Peat is a peaty one and Timeless Original is a Brora with a classic waxy character.

Elusive Legacy 1972 42.8% ABV 50cl

Age Of Peat 1977 48.6% ABV 50cl

Timeless Original 1982 47.5% ABV 50cl

The Brora Distillery Collection

The first distillery exclusive is a single cask bottling

Brora Hidden Beneath 1982 39 Year Old 49.8% ABV 70cl Bottled 2021

Brora Casks of Distinction (2017 0nwards)

The Casks of Distinction program allows private individuals to buy entire casks to be bottled under the COD branding. Although these bottles remain exclusive to the owners, bottles occasionally appear at auction. These are the COD casks we are aware of.

Brora 1982 Casks of Distinction 35 Year Old 44.20% ABV 70cl Bottled 2017 Cask 566

Brora 1978 Casks of Distinction 41 Year Old 45.00% ABV 70cl Bottled 2019

Brora 1972 Casks of Distinction 44 Year Old 58.60% ABV 70cl Bottled Cask 4817

Brora World of Whisky Exclusive

Brora 1972 Limited Edition World of Whisky Duty Free Exclusive 40 Year Old 59.10% ABV 70cl Bottled 2014

Brora 35 Year Old 1 of 1

The only Brora officially released in 2018 was a single bottle created for the Plastic Oceans Charity Auction.

Brora 35 Year Old 52.90% ABV 70cl Bottled 2018

Brora 200th Anniversary

Brora 1978 200th Anniversary Age of Peat 40 Year Old 49.20% ABV 70cl Bottled 2019

Clynelish Distillery (Brora pre 1969)

The original distillery founded in 1819 was called Clynelish Distillery. In 1967 the distillery owners built a new distillery on the same site, next to the original buildings. The old distillery slept for a year but restarted production 1968 under the new name Brora Distillery. Production continued at Brora until 1983 when it was closed.

Clynelish 14 Year Old Royal Marine Hotel

Clynelish 12 Year Old

Clynelish 5 Year Old