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Whisky.Auction is an auction website that offers the finest whiskies, spirits and wines from all around the world. Based in London, Whisky.Auction is run by a team of knowledgeable industry experts.

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  • How To Sell Miniatures At Auction

    25th April 2023 | By Whisky.Auction

    As we see more demand for old and rare miniature whiskies we share our guide on how to sell miniatures at auction.

  • Address To A Haggis

    25th January 2023 | By Whisky.Auction

    The complete and unabridged Address To A Haggis by Robert Burns

  • How To Check A Bottle Is Properly Sealed

    1st June 2022 | By Whisky.Auction

    We accept bottles with the original seal intact. Any bottle which is unsealed or leaking will be rejected so here are our tips on how to inspect a bottle before submitting it.

  • How To Open an Old Bottle of Whisky

    23rd March 2022 | By Whisky.Auction

    Ever wondered about the best techniques for opening old bottles? We take you through the process step-by-step to prevent a whisky disaster.

  • How To Read A Fill Level

    2nd September 2021 | By Whisky.Auction

    The lot detail tells you the fill level of each bottle in our auction but what does this information mean to bidders?

  • How To Spot A Fake

    31st March 2021 | By Whisky.Auction

    How can you tell if a bottle of whisky, Cognac or rum is fake or real? Take a moment to read our seven tips on how to identify the most common errors we see.