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Roberto Nicchitta

Roberto Nicchitta

Cellar Manager

Roberto was raised in Staines, just west of London, and began working in the drinks trade at 18 at Threshers. A talented musician, he completed a music degree in 2010. He then returned to London and spent three years with French wine merchant Nicolas, where he developed a love of wine and a keen interest in spirits. The Whisky Exchange was his next stop; here he discovered the world of old and rare spirits with a particular focus on whisky and Cognac. Roberto joined Whisky.Auction in 2016.

Latest Posts by Roberto Nicchitta

  • The Carefully Catalogued Collection

    4th November 2021 | By Roberto Nicchitta

    After receiving a single blurry photograph showing an extensive collection of whisky, Cellar Manager Roberto Nicchitta visited the owner to bring the bottles to auction.

  • How To Date A Bottle – Part 2

    6th October 2021 | By Roberto Nicchitta

    What does the jumble of letters and numbers on the base of your whisky bottle mean? Cellar Manager Roberto Nicchitta takes a closer look.

  • September 2021 Auction Results

    15th September 2021 | By Roberto Nicchitta

    This month's auction was all about Macallan, Stitzel-Weller, Karuizawa and old official distillery bottlings for our cellar manager Roberto Nicchitta.

  • Pre-Phylloxera Hennessy

    16th December 2020 | By Roberto Nicchitta

    Cellar Manager Roberto Nicchitta looks through some more old documents.

  • Whisky Ephemera Auction

    23rd October 2020 | By Roberto Nicchitta

    Dalmore 1892 Hogshead For Sale! That time we spotted an ancient second fill hogshead from one of Scotland’s most prized distilleries.

  • Not Just Jugs

    18th August 2020 | By Roberto Nicchitta

    Cellar manager Roberto Nicchitta sorts through our memorabilia so you don't have to.

  • Day In The Life Of A Cellar Manager

    17th July 2019 | By Roberto Nicchitta

    Roberto Nicchitta has assessed and received thousands of bottles in his time. From worthless keepsakes to unexpected masterpieces, he takes us through a day in the life of a Cellar Manager.