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Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee

Auction Manager

Jeremy has worked in the wines and spirits industry since a chance Christmas job in Harrod's wine cellar in 1994 first fired his interest in rare bottles. Stints at Oddbins, Selfridges and Berry Brothers followed, along with international experience working for a variety of retailers and wineries in Australia and France. During seven years managing the wine and spirits shop at Harvey Nichols he further developed his interest in Scotch whisky - visiting no fewer than 19 distilleries in as many months - while walking most of Scotland's National Trails.

Latest Posts by Jeremy Lee

  • How to collect Château d’Yquem wines

    19th June 2024 | By Jeremy Lee

    Auction manager and resident wine expert at Whisky.Auction, Jeremy Lee, gives his advice on how to collect Château d’Yquem wines and explains which vintages should be in your wine cellar.

  • Gruaud Larose – Drinking like a Monarch without paying a King’s Ransom

    25th September 2023 | By Jeremy Lee

    Are you looking for great value Bordeaux wine? Gruaud Larose could be the answer. Value is a wonderfully relative concept when it comes to fine wines and spirits. Like any luxury purchase, be it fashion, cars or works of art, to the uninitiated, spending many multiples of the retail or auction price on an object rather than buying the most functional, affordable iteration available can seem like shameless decadence. In the wine world, as in... Read More

  • How To Read A Loire Wine Label

    15th June 2023 | By Jeremy Lee

    The Loire, in France, holds a special place in my heart, being the first wine region I visited, far too long ago at the tender age of five, on a family trip to the city of Tours to visit my mother’s childhood pen-friend. Though not yet a fan of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Franc, and with a limited experience of even Muscadet at that stage, I was absolutely wowed by the scale of... Read More

  • In Vino Veritas…

    15th June 2022 | By Jeremy Lee

    Last year, our auction director, Isabel Graham-Yooll made her selection of The 3 Best Wine Books Of All Time, this month it’s the turn of auction manager, Jeremy Lee, to select a trio from the crop of the wine titles that have informed his thinking and drinking after far too many years in the drinks trade.