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Isabel Graham-Yooll

Isabel Graham-Yooll

Auction Director

Isabel Graham-Yooll is an authority on the workings of the booming secondary market for spirits and wines. In her position as director of Whisky.Auction she has championed the interests of the consumer against fraudsters and fakers, making the auction the most trusted specialist online spirits auction in the world. Graham-Yooll started, like many others in the industry today, working at Oddbins before joining Jeroboams, where she became spirits buyer for the famous Milroy’s of Soho shop founded by Jack and Wallace Milroy. She was responsible for a series of acclaimed and award-winning bottlings (which now command a high price among collectors) before moving to Bordeaux Index as Spirits Buyer. She took up to her current role in 2016.

Latest Posts by Isabel Graham-Yooll

  • In Memory Of A Miniature Collector

    21st April 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    Alex Barclay was a born collector with a life long interest in whisky. As his miniatures and books come up for sale at auction we look back at his passion for life and whisky.

  • April 2022 Whisky & Spirits Auction Results

    14th April 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    It was a brilliant night for whisky and spirits lovers. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from our April 2022 whisky and spirits sale. Macallan 1957 15 Year Old Fine & Rare In 1957 The Macallan Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky from the Fine & Rare collection was distilled in the newly expanded still house, where there had been just two wash and three spirit stills. It was matured only in sherry... Read More

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 7

    14th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    'It wasn’t always champagne and roses...I haven’t spoken about it until now. It still angers me about the unnecessary waste of talent and experience of the DCL boys. All just to settle a schoolboy’s feud.' The final edition of Memoirs of a Whisky Salesman lifts the lid on what life was really like when the chips were down.

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 6

    13th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    The lead photo was taken in the early eighties with the founder of the Masters of Whisky Evan Cattenach and Gordon Macintosh who was PR manager for Distillers Company Home Trade. You may recognise Ian St John, a football legend who was a guest speaker at a DCL conference. That day Roger was promoted to the West End after being presented with a pair of gold engraved cufflinks. He was Salesman of the year in... Read More

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 5

    12th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    This is the one where Roger Mallindine fondly remembers one particular episode that changed whisky history. Meeting The Sawhney Family The DCL had a rota system regarding prospective customers requesting direct terms and it was my turn to call on Mr Sawhney at The Nest Off Licence, Hanwell W7. It was the family’s first ever venture into the Off Trade. When I arrived, I was greeted by Mr Sawhney who introduced me to his young... Read More

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 4

    11th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    Roger Mallindine had been selling blended whisky for decades and understood how the luxury whisky business worked. Now it was time to sell single malts.  He suddenly found himself in a world of many privileges and memorable events. The Malt Cellar In the last days of the Distillers Company Limited (DCL) they had introduced the Ascot Malt Cellar which comprised Rosebank 8 Year Old, Linkwood 12 Year Old, Strathconon Vatted Malt, Talisker 8 Year Old,... Read More

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 3

    10th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    It’s the late 1980s and Roger Mallindine had spent 20 years working his way up the Trade. He’s now in United Distillers post the Guinness/DCL merger, looking after whiskies for luxury outlets. How Johnnie Walker Blue Label Really Emerged In The UK Market One morning in the 1980s I was due to pick up Graham Thompson, Managing Director of United Distillers UK at London Heathrow Airport. The purpose of a day in the Trade was... Read More

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 2

    9th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    By the age of 19, Roger Mallindine had become shipping clerk at Bass Charrington Vintners. He soon left the shipping business and joined Showerings as a Rep for Babysham and Britvic juices which he sold out of army surplus ammunition boxes. In 1972 Roger joined J C McLaughlin in London as a rep. McLaughlin’s had the agency for Teacher’s, The Glendronach Single Malt, Beefeater Gin and Appleton Rum. He joined Buchanan Booth Agencies in 1974…... Read More

  • Memoirs Of A Whisky Salesman – Part 1

    8th March 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    The tell-all memoirs of a whisky salesman are serialised every day this week. Here Roger Mallindine chronicles his arrival into the drinks trade in the tumultuous 1960s.

  • Rare 19th Century Chartreuse Liqueur Cherished By Four Generations Of One Family

    9th February 2022 | By Isabel Graham-Yooll

    A superbly well kept litre bottle of Chartreuse Yellow liqueur dating back to between 1878 and 1903 when production was located at Fourvoirie in France, has been consigned to auction. This bottle dates to before the Chartreuse monks moved their distillery from France to Spain and as this pristine bottle has such great significance to liqueur collectors and enthusiasts my first task was to discover why the bottle was so perfectly preserved, and so clean!... Read More