Day In The Life Of A Whisky.Auction Manager

Jeremy Lee tells us how his days are 'spring-capsulated'.

Day In The Life Of A Whisky.Auction Manager

At Whisky.Auction we are always busy. My role is best encapsulated (or possibly spring-capsulated) as ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’

I oversee the arrival, photography and descriptions of each of the bottles you send in to our auction. These range from rare releases that I remember from my days in wine & spirits department stores, through to fascinating century-old rarities.

I help customers with any queries or questions about our online whisky auction. Inevitably ‘How much is my bottle worth?’ is the question we receive most often. We offer free whisky and spirit valuations as part of our service, all you need to do is just send us some nice, clear images. Don’t worry, the pictures don’t need to be ‘arty’ but the photos should show the whole bottle including the label and the closure, and it does really help if the photos are in focus too! My personal favourites are the hilarious accidental pictures we receive with unintended objects (or people) included in the bottle reflections or in the backgrounds…

Some of our customers are collectors or traders who already have a good idea of what your bottles will fetch at auction, but many of you are lucky individuals who have been given a few bottles and are just having a clear-out or inherited a fantastic collection. There’s huge pleasure in telling someone that their rum flagon, or Sherriff’s Bowmore, which had previously been regarded as clutter, is, in fact, a treasure worth thousands of pounds!

The majority of our bottles arrive via courier and post, so we diligently advise customers when these have arrived, we try not to allow the suspense to build too far! However the most enjoyable part of my day is when customers drop off their bottles in person to us at Elixir House, our Park Royal HQ. This way we get to meet our sellers and learn the stories of the bottles are brought in. It’s tremendously exciting: this can be the moment when we first set eyes on really rare bottles of whisky, superb collections of antique spirits and hero bottles for future auctions.

I love what we do which is just as well, given how significantly Whisky.Auction has grown over the last couple of years.